So here’s the plan for this blog:

Right now, I do not have much internet, so I don’t quite know how much I’ll be able to update.  The plan is to write at night and publish it the next day when I can briefly touch internet at the Mensa on the way to class.  Anyone who knows me, however, is certain to be skeptical of this plan (me included), so we’ll just see how everything works out.  We don’t get back to Wehrda sometimes until after midnight because a lot of our friends are in another dorm called Christian-Wolf-Haus (which from now on will be referred to as CWH), so I don’t know how amped I’ll be about sitting down to type out a blog post.  That being said, I’m going to try my hardest.

To make sure things don’t get too confusing, I think the post immediately following this one will be a comprehensive character/shorthand list of everyone/everything that will come up in future stories.  For good measure, I’ll probably add some geography as well.

Mmmk, well that seems like a good first (real) post.  Woohoo.  I’m going to bed. It’s late.

also – so; thus. Used often as a filler word. This is Shannon’s favorite way of starting sentences.

(I think I’ll also add interesting translations here at the bottom of German words/phrases that will almost certainly find their way into the postings)


About nlovin

I'm just a guy - I brew beer, host a radio show every Wednesday, and am completely obsessed with the German language.
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1 Response to Also…

  1. Mom says:

    Hey, Nathan! Glad you got the blog started. Sounds like you are having fun and hopefully getting better at speaking German. Hope you find a way to access internet more frequently. We love you and miss you!

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