Micro Thought #1

Today, I was standing on the bus on the way to the Lahnberge and thought of an idea to keep the blog updated more regularly: Micro Thoughts.  These will be little quips, quotes, or what have you.  I’m hoping that when Sprachkurs is done in a couple of weeks, it will become easier to put longer posts up more often (but who knows…I don’t think we’ll be getting that much more time).

Today’s Thought: The buses and the subways here aren’t plastered with ads like I remember them being in London for cars, coke, and chicken sandwiches*.  There was only one poster on the bus that was close: a list of upcoming plays at the Marburg Theater.  This experience struck me as odd, but in a good way.  It was so nice to enjoy my cup of coffee on the to class without being visually bombarded with advertisements.

*Is the BT like this in Blacksburg? I can’t quite remember.

In the pipeline:  “Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof, sondern ein Bahnhof:  Oktoberfest”, “Playing Catch Up:  Tales from my Early Marburg Experiences”

“Keine Ahnung.  Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof.”
“No clue.  I only understand train station.”

Also, people need to comment so Nicky doesn’t feel so left out.  And no, I’m not going to remove it Nicky.  Sorry.  Oh yeah, thank you again for the slang book.  Fritz and Verra get a kick out the random things it has taught me to say.



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I'm just a guy - I brew beer, host a radio show every Wednesday, and am completely obsessed with the German language.
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4 Responses to Micro Thought #1

  1. Nicky Swayne says:

    1: HA!

    2: Let us know when you come across your first bus or bus stop advertisement that includes naked people – or mostly naked people. Obviously it’s an attention getter to pose a 90% naked man and 90% naked woman (not in a sexual pose, but yes, attractive boobs completely there) on a magazine cover for an upcoming “health throughout your body” issue – and then advertise the issue on the glass walls of the bus stops all over …. and that did get my family’s attention no problem a few years ago. So, let us know when you spy your first pics of nudity and your group’s reaction to it. AND then tell us…. why aren’t the Germans as up-tight about it? They are not Puritans? Maybe you can discuss this in your Sprachkurs (in case it’s also a Kulturkurs)?

  2. Ramsey Lovin says:

    You may want to photograph it and send it to me so that I can properly inspect and approve it. Dad.

  3. Mom says:

    What happened to your micro thoughts that were going to appear more frequently? Your dog sends kisses. Mom

  4. Unkle Ruff says:

    Ram, you have my email, correct?

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