Micro Thought #2

Surprise, surprise, I never got around to posting another blog entry last week. Are we at all surprised? ’cause I’m not.1 <—-Ich kann HTLM, bitches.

Also, I’m half way through my last class with Joachim and it’s ausgezeichnet! Joachim is an awesome guy, but he is so freakin’ langweilig.  That means tomorrow is my last day of regular Sprachkurs, which is a little bittersweet.  It’ll be nice to move on to something a little different, but it also (English meaning!) means that six weeks have already gone by.  We only have a couple of months (+ some change) left!

We went to the Netherlands this past weekend, and I actually have that post half written.  I might even get it up before Pause is over! 2 Either way, I don’t have conversation course this afternoon, so I think I’m just going to blog.  I’ve collected everyone’s pictures, so I’d like to get those posted too.

So finally, here’s my observation for today:  There are always at least 3 rooms (sometimes 4 and once 5) in German bathrooms:  the sink room, the urinal room, and the stall room.

Joachim is starting class early…jerk.  Tschuss!

[1] To my defense, that stupid Internet stick is not working.
[2] Nope.


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I'm just a guy - I brew beer, host a radio show every Wednesday, and am completely obsessed with the German language.
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