Micro Thought #3

Also, I know I said that I would try and keep this more updated with Micro Thoughts, but you must remember that I also (English meaning) said that I probably would fall behind on updates.

That said, I’ve been super busy.  I’m currently working my way through several readings, including Arthur Schnitzler’s Liebelei, literary theories about dramatic texts (Das Drama), and histories of Die Wiener Moderne, and universities during the 14th Century.  So give me a break.

Today’s Thought: I love how bike-friendly Europe is – or at least Germany and the Netherlands.  Back home it’s so nerve racking riding my bike on any road except around campus.  If you want to go anywhere, you’re stuck “fending off a bunch of entitled WASPs1 (or probably more often than not, the children of said WASPs2) and in constant danger of getting run off the road.  It’s freaking scary.  Here there are special lanes everywhere specifically for bikes, and why the hell not?   They’re often denoted by red stone paths on sidewalks or on the side of the road itself.  I’m praying that since they’re doing so much construction to Main Street in Blacksburg that they’ll have the foresight to add bike lanes (considering 3/4 of the town owns a bike).  It’s probably only a pipe dream, but one can hope.

(and other antics)

Please ignore our antics, and pay attention to the awesome bike lane in the background.

[Picture coming soon with red-bike-lane example!]
[Update: The picture’s here!]

“Ach so!”
“I see!”
(That’s the best translation I can think of – it’s used a lot to show you understand something. Note: You must use enough of the German pflem-in-the-back-of-the-throat-sound but so much that you sound like you’re hacking up a lung.

Pipe Dreams3: Whhaaaa?? Only one more month?; Weird German Mannerisms; Weird American Mannerism; Top 10 List About Germany; My Adventures into the Blogosphere (I can’t believe I just used that word…).

Well that’s it volks.

Später Gators.

1. Awesome photography blog I found today.  The guy’s from Charlottesville.  Check it out if you like pictures of stuff.
2. The author is aware that he also the child of WASP parents.  Not hating on WASPs, but it’s just true of the demographics of Blacksburg/Harrisonburg. And it’s a sweet acronym.
3. I have decided to change “What’s in the Pipeline” to “Pipe Dreams” because that’s really what my future blog plans usually end up being…


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I'm just a guy - I brew beer, host a radio show every Wednesday, and am completely obsessed with the German language.
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5 Responses to Micro Thought #3

  1. Ramsey Lovin says:

    In reference to your WASPs/Children of WASPs comment reference the following quote “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo


  2. Sean says:

    Wow thanks! And I’m glad you said it like it is, “pictures of stuff,” I feel like I don’t have too much to live up to, ha!
    P.S. so the Netherlands…I’m going there at the beginning of December. Any tips on where to stay? What to do? You mention a hotel…was that expensive? :/ thanks~
    Oh and P.P.S yeah I’m a SMAD major! How’d you know? You don’t go to JMU right?

  3. nlovin says:

    Haha yeah, I suppose I could have added “European stuff” or “if you want to see much better pictures of stuff than I’m going to post.” What can I say? I’m not feeling super descriptive today (which probably has to do with the mind numbing amount of German readings I have on my desk). I did say it was awesome though.

    Also, the Netherlands…I stayed in a Hotel in Den Haag (Ibis I believe). It was a great hotel right in middle of most everything. It was 75 Euro for a 2 person room (which we split three ways† so it wasn’t bad at all in the end), but we only did that out of necessity. I’ve had friends say the Stay Okay hostels in Den Haag (24 Euro) and Amsterdam were great (22/28 Euro)*. Also, I’ve heard Jorplace in Den Haag is great (24 Euro).

    I know some of the hostels in central Amsterdam can get pricier, so depending on what you’re doing, you could always train it into town from somewhere else (it was 10 Euro from Den Haag to Amsterdam by train, about 45 min). I use Hostels.com to find places if I decide not to couchsurf. It’s always given me reliable reviews, etc.

    That said – the Netherlands is amazing. I’m definitely going back before I return to the states.

    That’s awesome. I seriously considered going to SMAD for awhile (while I was still looking at JMU). It’s such a great program. Do you know Dr. (Rusty) Greene? I just guessed – from your blog, it sounded like you might be in SMAD. Nope – I’m a Hokie!

    Holy crap, this ended up being a lot longer than I intended…

    †It was really easy to fit 3 people comfortably in a 2 person room. There was a bench cushion which was just as good as a bed (kinda).
    *There are two in Amsterdam. I have no idea which one they stayed in.

  4. Sean says:

    Hey! OK so
    1) no i didn’t mean to be dickish! seriously, “pictures of stuff” is a great compliment 🙂
    2) ok, so right now I’m trying to arrange some couchsurfage for the trip but if that falls through these are good options!
    3) small worldx2! yeah rusty was my teacher a few times, but i bear a lifegrudge against him because of the way he graded my final smad project :/ haha how od you know him if you didn’t go to JMU?

    • nlovin says:

      No worries man! Your shots really are great. Yeah, couchsurfing is by far the best way to go (most of the time). I worked as a ski instructor with his kids and he’s also in charge of JMU’s semester in London program (or he was). My mom went over as the FMIR and I went with her, so we saw him pretty often. I wouldn’t say I have a life grudge, but something close. He pushed out the house managers at MAD house in London, so I lost my free room in the middle of London. Such a bummer.

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