(Finally) getting out of Marburg

So after what’s probably been the most ridiculous ever, I finally find myself sitting on a train headed to Paris, France.  Before I got to this point, I had to wade through several hundred pages of German text, write a paper, not sleep, lose my room key, not sleep in my room, convince my Hausfrau to give me a spare, then negotiate the release of my original key from another Hausfrau, run down a bus (and subsequently convince the driver to let me on), buy the wrong Hin-fahrt ticket to Paris, argue with the ticket guy for 20 minutes, have a break down near Elizabeths Kirche, buy another ticket, and then almost not make it to Frankfurt for my next ticket (apparently ridiculous bus and train delays are all the rage these days)…

…I’m looking forward to sleeping so much tonight.

Here’s what we have in store for the next couple of days:  visit the Normandy beaches, go on some tours, see the Bayeux Tapestry, and probably poke around Paris a little on Sunday too.  Should be fun.












About nlovin

I'm just a guy - I brew beer, host a radio show every Wednesday, and am completely obsessed with the German language.
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2 Responses to (Finally) getting out of Marburg

  1. Sean says:

    totally awesome! I’m headed there next week I think, or the week after (damn thanksgiving getting in the way).

  2. nlovin says:

    Nice man. I absolutely love Paris. It was pleasant change from German culture for sure. Yeah, verdammt thanksgiving. It’s tripping up my plans to visit Vienna next week.

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