The Tallest Man On Earth

At some point last week, I agreed to a “The Tallest Man On Earth” concert with Kaleigh.  It was only 13 Euro and in Frankfurt, so we could get here for free.  I hadn’t listened to much Tallest Man before, but it seemed like it would be a good show.  I was mostly looking forward to seeing some live music again.

We met up in Frankfurt on Sunday around 7 and headed out to “Das Bett” (the venue).  It looked like it would only be a short walk from the train station, but 30 minutes later we still weren’t there.  It wasn’t terrible at all though – it was beautiful night and I really enjoy Kaleigh’s company.  She’s easy to get along with and we tend to be on the same wavelength most of the time (which is good for my sanity).  The two of us hadn’t really hung out one-on-one before this, so it was awesome to getting to know her better.  We finally came to Schmidtstraße (or whatever it was called), but quickly became alarmed when we passed the supposed address of the club and there was nothing there.  After walking for another 10 minutes, we found it!

The outside of Das Bett was littered with European hipsters smoking their cigarettes and boozing it up before the show.  The inside had even more of them, all decked out in skinny jeans, cardigans, plaid shirts, and other various ironic garb.1 The atmosphere was great:  super small venue (maybe enough for 200 or so people), mostly dark with blue neon accents, low stage with minimal lights, full bar, and sharpied graffiti/messages all over the white brick walls.

After a litre and half of beer, the show finally started (45 minutes late – apparently concerts here don’t run on German time, which was comforting.  It’s good to know that concerts all over the world, even in a country as pünktlich as Germany, begin late).  This girl, under the name Idiot Wind, opened everything up.  It was just her with a piano, but it worked with her voice.  Her set was pretty short – only 45 minutes.  I couldn’t find any examples of her music online, but I’d like to get some eventually.

A little while later, Tallest Man finally came out on stage.  The next hour and half were truly amazing.  We were only a few feet away from the stage, and the crowd was great.  Tallest Man is a Swedish guy who sings in English.  He played a mix of happy and sad songs, but even during the slower ballads, I still found myself completely transfixed on the music (something that doesn’t always happen).2 He has great stage presence – walking/bouncing around during longer picking sessions and bantering with the crowd/talking about the origin of songs in between everything.  His music is lyrical and heavy with metaphor, belted out in a strong, scratchy voice, but it’s backed by incredible guitar picking.  I can’t tell if I like his voice or his picking better – either way, it makes for an incredible combination.  At the end of the show, Idiot Wind came back out, and they sang a duet.  It was wonderful.

You can tell this was towards the end of the concert, because he was dripping in sweat.


Awesome cowboy guitar strap.


Horse tattoo!


Last song (before the encore)

This song is great. Check it out.

Kaleigh and I realized there was an S-bahn stop right near the venue, so we were able to get back to the Hauptbahnhof super quick.  We caught the 00:31 train back to Marburg, but unfortunately it was one the slow trains that stops at every stinkin’ village on the way home, so we got back around 02:00.  At this point, I was already suffering from sleep deprivation, so this didn’t do much to help.  I’m gonna be paying back this sleep debt until Thursday, but it was totally worth it.

[1] My favorite was an American little league jersey that was too small.  I have no idea where this guy found it, aber es war supe Klasse.
[2] Really the only other concert I could compare this to would be seeing Horse Feathers last summer at the Newport Folk Festival.


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