Homebrew #1

So, I think I’m gonna start keeping regular updates on the homebrew1 operation here on the blog.  Here goes…

I brewed a Munich Dunkel a couple of weeks ago with my roommate after finding the ingredients in my trunk.  I bought them the last time I was Charlotte (June 2010), but never got around to actually brewing (something about getting ready to leave the country).  Keeping this in mind, our hopes weren’t very high for this beer, but it seems like it’s turning out alright.  I racked it on Friday, and while it was still really yeasty, I let some it floculate out in fridge and it’s rather tasty.

A few days later, we brewed my dunkelweizen for the Hokie Home Brew Club’s competition in April.  This one I’m a little worried about.  I tweaked a recipe I’ve used several times in the past to get it closer to an actual German wheat beer, but it turned out too light.  It’s also been inactive since I racked it on Friday.  I’ll probably take a look at it this weekend to make sure I haven’t ruined my competition beer.  Fingers crossed

Well, that’s a good start, eh?  Maybe I’ll put a little widget on the side with my brew status.  Until then…

In primary: Nothing
In secondary: “Lost and Found” Munich Dunkel and “Wags-weizen” Dunkelweizen
Next brew session: American Cream Ale
On the way from Northern Brewer: Biere de Table


1. Is it “homebrew” or “home brew”  ??


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I'm just a guy - I brew beer, host a radio show every Wednesday, and am completely obsessed with the German language.
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